DMCA Information for Models

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This page offers information to models about using DMCA Notices to have their content removed from third-party websites.

About DMCA

DMCA is short for Digital Millennium Copyright Act and one part of that law allows copyright holders to send DMCA Takedown Notices to parties that are using copyrighted content illegally to notify them that they must take it down.

Content Ownership

In general, models broadcasting on are the owner of their content and copyright. As part of the Model Agreement, models grant MFC a non-exclusive license to use this content on our website. However, as owners of the content and copyright, only models themselves have a right to submit a DMCA notice.

Sending DMCA Notices

You are entitled to send a DMCA notice to any website that is illegally posting your content to try to have it removed.

There are a number of companies that can send a DMCA notice on your behalf and they usually charge a small fee for each DMCA notice or a flat monthly fee.

For your convenience, MFC has contracted one such company, Guardlex, to assist you with sending DMCA notices for free for you.

Simply go to the DMCA section of your Model Admin page and follow the instructions or Contact Model Support if you have any questions.

Sending Notices Yourself

You may also send your own DMCA notices without the aid of anyone else. If you Google "sending a dmca takedown notice" or "sample dmca notice" you will find easy-to-use instructions and templates.

Keep in mind that the DMCA notices you send are often made public record on sites such as

Therefore, to protect your privacy, we encourage you to not use your birth name, physical address, or your primary e-mail address, when sending a DMCA notice. You should instead use a legal alias and a new e-mail you create for this purpose.

Proactive Monitoring

We have contracted another company Remove Your Content to proactively help you find your pirated content online and send DMCA notices, completely free for MFC models. To get started, follow the instructions in the DMCA section of your Model Admin page or Contact Model Support if you have any questions.

Pirate Websites does not own or operate any other websites that post models' content. Therefore you may assume that any content posted was not authorized by us and you may send a DMCA Notice to have it taken down.